The completely paralyzed people
have their own language!


Just imagine what feelings the disabled people have.  The whole world shrank to the size of a hospital ward, any movement is not possible and just one way of communication is eyes.
 One blink means “yes”, two blinks mean “no”. Due to the efforts of Ukrainian students the disabled people have the chance of returning the joy of full-fledged communion! They have their own language! 


Students of the computer academy «Step» of Donetsk region have developed the revolutionary program CrossView which will allow even a completely paralyzed man or a man without hands to use the computer effectively. It is the eyes that are of great importance. A simple computer and a simple web-camera are enough for work.

The computer program with the help of a web-camera follows and estimates the direction of the user’s gaze and allows him or her to control all the functions of a computer similar to those of a mouse. The typesetting of the text is realized with the help of the unique development which is called ‘the language of eye gestures’.
The Internet, e-mail, social network and the news viewing will be completely accessible to the paralyzed people.

The diseased people have got the first chance of returning to the full-fledged communion in their life. According to the surveys, there are about 36 million people which are in need of communion and information exchange. The program CrossView will give them the opportunity of not only using the computer, but of being useful to the society in which they leave.

The Ukrainian students will present their own revolutionary development to public at large on the world finals programmers Microsoft Imagine Cup 2010 in Poland!

This information is presented by the computer academy
“Step” of Donetsk region (Ukraine)
Tel. +38-062-345-24-74

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